ICC Evaluation

ICC-ES has been the industry leader in performing technical evaluations for code compliance, providing regulators and construction professionals with clear evidence that products comply with codes and standards.
Roof Tech’s ICC evaluation report ESR-3575 evaluates Roof Tech’s flexible flashing system for DURABILITY and Water Resistance. An array of ASTM standards were used to test RT Butyl flashing to extreme testing environment. Similar testing used by the roofing industry to simulate the quality of roofing systems and its underlayment. To top it off, Roof Tech’s own testing and 18 year track record from its parent company are a proven record. In the USA, Roof Tech went a step further to conduct an ASTM 2140 test certification which tests the RT-[E] Mount system under 6” of water for a time period.
We all know that where rubber meets the road, in our industry’s case is where the fastener or lag bolt penetrates the asphalt roofing system and happens to be where the flashing and sealing are most important. Roof Tech’s, RT-Butyl rubber not only is a perfect match for the asphalt system but also is a superior flashing and sealant system to the conventional metal flashing sealant (aka caulking) as far as durability (service life) and efficacy.
I would like to point out that an UL 441 testing used by the pipe flashing industry only verifies the water shedding efficacy of such flashing system, however it doesn’t address the moisture built up from underneath the metal flashing from many sources such as ice dams, condensation and wind driven rain.
Pipe flashing is for venting systems from mechanical equipment mounted underneath the roofing surface. Roof Tech leads the way with its “One With The Roof”, certified, tested and proven.
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