Leak-free Performance Makes Roof Tech Top Choice for Solar Bear

San Diego, CA – (June 18, 2019) – The first time Solar Bear founder Blake Ambrester heard
about Roof Tech it was from CED Greentech, his distributor in Sarasota, Florida. “My rep talked
about Roof Tech’s faster install time and great warranty,” Blake recalled. “He also said there
were no leaks on record for Roof Tech, and that really got me interested.”

A productive meeting at Solar Power International
In September 2018, Blake traveled to Anaheim to attend Solar Power International and set up a
meeting with Roof Tech General Manager Taka Chiyoda. “We had a great conversation where I
learned about the success of Roof Tech’s parent company in Japan,” said Blake. “Taka assured
me that their flashing material RT-Butyl has never failed, so we decided to do a few trial runs
with RT-MINI, their self-flashing mounting base.”

Solar Bear installers adapt quickly to using RT-MINI
Right from the start, Blake got positive feedback from his team of 35 installers. “We do about 90
residential installs every month,” Blake said. “RT-MINI was easy to use and resulted in much
faster time on the roof – and that translates into greater profit for us. Today we have some of the
fastest install times in the entire state of Florida.” Solar Bear continues to work closely with Roof
Tech Regional Sales Manager Matthias Herzog on its projects.

In just nine months, Solar Bear completes 400 installs with Roof Tech.
Before encountering Roof Tech, Solar Bear was already a high-volume installer, and now those
numbers are climbing even higher. “Our customers demand efficient production and no leaks in
the roof,” said Blake. He also noted that Solar Bear wants every job to be as esthetically
pleasing as possible, and the sleek design of Roof Tech’s products ensures a visually appealing

RT-MINI Structural stamped PE Letters provided at https://roof-tech.us/support/


Strong warranties and a reliable product spell success for all sides.
Every Solar Bear project comes with a 10-year, no-leak guarantee — and that’s in addition to
Roof Tech’s own warranty that covers all structurally related defects for 20 years. When asked
what he would say to other installers who were considering trying Roof Tech products, Blake did
not hesitate to answer. “You have to trust the manufacturer’s warranty and trust your installers,”
he said. “Follow the protocol and you’ll have no problem with Roof Tech. It cuts down on
installation time and we’ve never had a single leak. We will definitely keep using Roof Tech!”

About Solar Bear
Solar Bear was founded in 2015 in St. Petersburg, Florida by Blake Ambrester. Today the
company is headquartered in Tampa and has 80 employees serving Tampa and the
surrounding area. Solar Bear specializes in installation of residential solar PV systems and
provides duct sealing and attic insulation as an add-on to every project. Learn more about Solar
Bear at www.oursolarbear.com.

About Roof Tech
Roof Tech, Inc., is the first U.S. subsidiary of Yanegiken, a Japanese company renowned for
more than five decades of innovative roofing technologies. In 2013, Roof Tech established its
U.S. operations and is now headquartered in San Diego, California. Roof Tech has a national
network of distributors in place to provide its unique PV solar mounting solutions for residential
and commercial projects. Roof Tech’s products include E Mount AIR®, U set Solar®, and the
new RT-MINI. All are fully code-compliant and offer compact, watertight performance for rooftop
solar installations.