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Roof Tech currently offers three signature products designed specifically for installation of PV solar power systems.


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Solar panel mounting systems for every roof!

Now Roof Tech brings you the most innovative, watertight mounting systems ever developed for solar photovoltaic systems. Designed and manufactured exclusively for us by Japan’s longtime leader in roofing technologies, Roof Tech products are 100% code-compliant and offer fast, simple installation and huge savings on shipping costs due to their compact, rail-less design. Learn more about our full line of versatile PV mounting solutions now available for residential installations.

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“Your rail-less racking system was a dream to install. I anticipated many questions on how to install the racking system, but your installation instructions were so good I did not have one single question. Everything went incredibly smooth. Thank you so much!”

Los Angeles, CA


“… I love the mounts and the ease of installing them. My wife and I got on the roof and snapped lines. She and I spent a Saturday installing them.”

Hawthorne, FL


“The gear seems extraordinarily sturdy, thoroughly crash-tested as the engineering reports I was sent can attest, and it shipped in two small boxes, no long rods sticking out the back of my truck.”

Los Angeles, CA