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Roof Tech Introduces AlphaSeal® Technology


A Quantum Leap Forward in Caulk-free PV Mounting.

Since the dawn of the solar industry, PV installers have struggled with mounting systems that put the roof at risk by drilling holes into rafters that can damage shingles and cause leaks. In 2013, Roof Tech introduced its innovative flexible flashing technology with RT-Butyl, and those risks quickly faded into the past. Now, Roof Tech brings you the AlphaSeal® System, the impenetrable sealant that eliminates the need for caulking once and for all.


What is AlphaSeal® Technology?

The AlphaSeal® System gets its strength from butyl, a synthetic rubber copolymer of isobutylene with isoprene that delivers superior flexibility and is completely impermeable to moisture. It is also resistant to mildew, acids, alkalis, salts, and aging from UV light. Butyl is a very well-known and market-approved roofing material that has been shown to retain its waterproofing qualities for decades. Our parent company in Japan,  Yanegiken , has been using butyl with great success since 1994, and now the AlphaSeal® System takes it to the next level.

“AlphaSeal® enables Roof Tech mounting systems to be installed more quickly, easily, and safely than any other conventional mounting product,” said Matthias Herzog, Sales Manager, Southeast Region, “and our customers have the added confidence of our 25-year warranty.”

AlphaSeal® passes every test with flying colors and comes out on top.

In July 2013, we had RT-Butyl water-tested to Standard ASTM 2140 for six hours under a 6” water column creating pressure of 31.2psf. The result? Not a single water leak. In 2014, we had the International Code Council (ICC) test our flexible flashing for thermal and moisture protection. The results were impressive. While typical sealants have a maximum service temperature between 160°F and 200°F, ours was proven to withstand temperature fluctuations from -40°F to 248°F, making it impervious to any kind of extreme weather. In short, RoofTech offers the only rail-less PV mounting system with integrated flexible flashing that is fully certified by the ICC. “When I joined the Roof Tech team, I quickly realized I was working with the most innovative mounting systems available,” said Joe Perez, Roof Tech Sales Manager, Northeast and Canada. “Now our AlphaSeal® System is revolutionizing solar PV mounting and turning doubters into believers.”

Roof Tech makes the transition to 100% caulk-free mounting with full confidence.

In the past, installers were instructed to place a bead of caulking around the base of Roof Tech mounting systems for an added layer of UV protection. Then we decided to put caulk-free mounting to the test, and conducted multiple tests using static water pressure and accelerated aging. The results surpassed our expectations, making the AlphaSeal® System the first integrated mounting solution that’s 100% caulk-free. “Our flashing has stood the test of time for more than 27 years,” said RoofTech Sales Director Mike Dunlap. “The AlphaSeal® System protects against leaks and structure damage by creating an impenetrable seal. It’s time that everyone realizes the overwhelming benefits of a waterproof system that reduces contractor liability on all levels, from leaks to structural damage.” 

The Roof Tech sales team acclaims the superior performance of AlphaSeal® Technology.

“Before I joined Roof Tech, I was a contractor and recognized the advantages of flexible flashing,” said Ken Clem, Roof Tech Sales Manager, South Central Region. “Now that I’m on the team, I know I’m helping contractors to provide quality installs for their customers.” All of Roof Tech’s mounting solutions are fastened with wood screws directly to the roof sheathing or rafters, so there’s never a need to drill pilot holes or pre-caulk. That means less time on the roof, cost savings, and reliable, leak-free performance. Guy Wellman, Sales Manager, Midwest Region, added his thoughts. “RoofTech is light years ahead of the competition in all aspects of roof attachments,” he said. “The AlphaSeal® System is the latest advancement that places our mounting systems above and beyond anything on the solar market.”

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Watch our 100% Caulk-Free Underwater Simulation with our AlphaSeal® Technology!


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