Meet the Roof Tech US Team

Takashi Chiyoda

General Manager

Takashi Chiyoda from Roof Tech Inc

Taka was named general manager of Roof Tech in 2012 when the company established its first U.S. office in San Jose, California. Today Taka continues to lead the growth of Roof Tech from its headquarters in San Diego, where he now lives with his family.

Taka's journey to his current life began when he was a high school student in Japan and decided to take part in a U.S. exchange student program. His host family made him feel so at home that he made up his mind to work for an eco-friendly company that would give back to American citizens. "I want to make life better for my own children and for the next generation," Taka explained, "and I believe every homeowner can reap lasting benefits by converting to solar."

Taka is a strong believer in the high quality of Japanese-made products. "If you trust the reliability of Toyota and Honda," he said, "you can count on the quality of Roof Tech products." Taka is an avid hiker and skier and loves to travel. He also enjoys playing baseball and golf with his children in his free time.

Milton Nogueira

Business Development Manager

Milton Nogueira from Roof Tech Inc

Milton joined Roof Tech in 2013 and worked closely with Taka to establish the first U.S. subsidiary of Roof Tech. As business development manager, he establishes and manages customer relationships, conducts regular customer training webinars, and is a frequent speaker at the many national solar tradeshows that Roof Tech takes part in. Milton also oversees our sales team and keeps them updated about structural codes and technical compliance with UL standards, and contributes to the regular code and compliance meetings hosted by CALSSA and SEIA.

Milton has more than 30 years of experience in the solar industry and has extensive knowledge of photovoltaic system design, installation, and distribution. He moved to Boston from his native Brazil in 1988 and has pursued his passion for renewable energy solutions ever since. "I really believe in the quality and reliability of Roof Tech's solar mounting solutions," he said, "and I know our products make a great contribution to the lives of American homeowners."

Milton settled in San Rafael in 1996 where he now lives with his wife. He spends his free time practicing bossa nova tunes on his classical acoustic guitar and is always ready to experience the natural beauty of Marin County by mountain biking, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, and sailing. He is also a longtime practitioner of yoga.

Mike Dunlap

National Sales Director

Mike Dunlap from Roof Tech Inc

Mike joined Roof Tech in 2016 and served for two years as regional sales manager for our Midwest and Northeast regions before being named National Sales Director in 2019. Today Mike manages and develops our North American sales team.

Prior to joining Roof Tech, Mike spent more than a decade working as a general contractor and remediation project manager. He began his career in 2005 as founder of his own restoration and remodeling firm. During this time, he had become a field expert in roofing and best building practices and holds certifications in lead, mold, fire, and water remediation.

In 2016 Mike's wife was working in the solar industry and they attended a solar trade show together where Mike got his first look at Roof Tech products. "I was instantly interested as I was familiar with their unique flashing method from my previous work as a contractor," he said. "From that moment on, I knew I wanted to work for Roof Tech."

Mike takes full advantage of seasonal sports, as he and his wife split their time between Indiana and Arizona enjoying everything from snowmobiling, cross country skiing, paddle boarding, and kayaking. They also love to go on summer camping trips in their motorhome.

Joe Perez

Sales Manager

Northeast Region & Canada

Joe's longtime passion for the great outdoors and conservation was instrumental in his decision to join Roof Tech in 2018. "I'm a bit of a biology nerd," he admitted, "and I love talking about and making hard cider, wine, and beer."

While Joe has a clear talent for home-brewing his own libations, he's even more enthused about working at Roof Tech. "As a solar sage once said, it's all about the RT-Butyl baby! The legacy of our parent company in Japan gave us the foundation for our industry-leading flexible flashing technology," Joe said. "We offer our contractors a 'no hole left unsealed' approach to solar mounting that lets them focus on quality rather than a list of future liabilities."

Joe and his wife travel the world when they can, and often visit family in Canada. His ideal weekend is filled with rugby, sailing, and fly fishing.

Matthias Herzog

Sales Manager

Southeast Region

Matthias Herzog from Roof Tech Inc

Born and raised in Switzerland, Matthias joined Roof Tech in 2019. He has always been active in nature and is committed to work that puts the environment first. The quality and experience behind Roof Tech made it a perfect fit for Matthias.

"Solar is a no-brained" he said. "It's great be part of a creative team where we are encouraged to contribute to the innovation and success of our products and services." Matthias has spent 16 years in the field of renewable energy. He is a NABCEP Certified Installer and earned his chops working for former industry behemoths Powerlight Corp. and Sun Power Corp.

Matthias loves the sun and lives with his artist-activist wife and two daughters in the "sunny state" of Florida.

Ken Clem

Sales Manager

South Central Region

Ken Clem from Roof Tech Inc

Ken began his career working on commercial energy efficiency upgrades and went on to develop the solar division of an environmental company which he expanded to install the largest solar farm in Missouri. He and a friend then took the risk of launching their own solar installation company and Ken subsequently sold his share to join the Roof Tech team in 2019.

"I just love the products and the team at Roof Tech," he said. "Our flexible flashing method of installation is almost too good to be true. It's so easy to install and never has any leaks."

Ken grew up on a small hobby farm in Missouri and now makes his home in Austin, Texas where he spends his free time kayaking, biking, and camping.

Guy Wellman

Sales Manager

Midwest Region

Guy Wellman from Roof Tech Inc

Guy has been involved in the renewable energy field since 2006 and joined the Roof Tech team in 2020. As he claimed, "I may be the new kid on the block, but I know my solar!"

Guy was clear when asked about why he chose Roof Tech. "This company is making a big difference in the world, and we work together like one big family," he said. "Our proprietary flashing method is the very best and we do more for our customers that anyone else in this market."

Guy is a classically trained artist and paints in his home studio whenever he can. He also loves to play baseball and blows an awesome blues harmonica.

Midori Foster

Office Operations Assistant

Midori Foster from Roof Tech Inc

What would we ever do without Midori? She is so important to our company, always busy helping to manage operations and taking care of so many other tasks around our office.

Midori came to Roof Tech in 2015 knowing she could always count on a good work reference from our company. "Roof Tech has a good quality product and a great work environment," she said - and Midori helps to make our work environment better every day.

Midori has the great luck to live at the beach where she can see beautiful California sunsets. In her spare time, she loves to cook and take care of her garden.

Traci Huggans

Marketing Coordinator

Traci Huggans from Roof Tech Inc

Traci previously enjoyed a long and successful career in the hospitality industry working in management, sales, and marketing. In 2020, she decided it was time to work for a company that would truly help our world become more eco-friendly and joined Roof Tech.

"I have always loved to travel and learn about other cultures," she said. "The legacy of Roof Tech's parent company intrigued me, and I knew I could learn more about Japanese culture working with them."

Traci is committed to creating a powerful presence for Roof Tech in the world of digital marketing. "I want everyone in North America to discover Roof Tech's solar innovations," she said. "My hope is that we can all work together toward a more sustainable planet."

In her free time, Traci enjoys taking long walks with her dog, take road trips in her RV, and visiting local wineries. "I make it a point to travel to a new city or country every year so I can revel in as much culture as possible!"