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Solar PV mounting systems for every roof!

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Roof Tech brings you the most innovative, waterproof mounting systems ever developed for solar photovoltaic systems. Designed and manufactured exclusively for us by Japan’s longtime leader in roofing technologies, Roof Tech products are 100% code-compliant and offer fast, simple installation and huge savings on shipping costs due to their compact, rail-less design. Learn more about our full line of versatile PV mounting solutions now available for residential installations.The next generation in rooftop solar mounting solutions.
Rail less PV Mounting System from Roof Tech Inc

The next generation in rooftop solar mounting solutions.

Roof Tech is the first U.S. subsidiary of Yanegiken, a company renowned in Japan for more than four decades of innovative roofing technologies. Roof Tech brings these unique PV mounting solutions to the U.S. solar market. Headquartered in Southern California, our national sales teams are now in place to provide superior service to installers and solar panel manufacturers throughout North America.

What Our Clients Are Saying!

Smart Energy Today

“RT-MINI saves us nearly two hours on the roof. Once we assemble the mounting systems and get them up to the roof, there’s no need to drill holes or look for studs, and we can make adjustments easily even when the rails aren’t straight.”

May Electric

“From the first trial installation on our own headquarters in 2018, we knew RT-MINI was the right product for us. Now we use it on nearly all our shingled roofs for residential jobs, with nearly 2,000 projects completed and many more to come.”

Marcor Roofing Construction & More

“Roof Tech’s mounting systems protect the integrity of the shingles, so there are never any leaks. Now I insist that our installers use Roof Tech products for all our jobs.”

Standard Energy Solutions

“When we used railed systems, there were way too many parts to carry, but now the bags are far more compact and lighter. It enhances safety for our team, and RT-APEX makes our installs far more accurate. The black-on-black panels with skirting create a clean, professional appearance."

The Green Panel

“With Roof Tech products, if you hit an obstacle on the roof, you can actually redesign the system on the fly. If you have to move panels, you simply extend the wiring and keep going. With traditional racking, you need to shut down the job for an entire day. That cuts into profitability and efficiency, and makes customers unhappy. We want to use our time and our customer’s time well, without making excuses.”

Solar Gain

“We know what it’s like to be up on the roof in the hot Arizona sun, cutting rails and positioning panels. With Roof Tech’s rail-less mounting systems, we get exactly what we need with no waste. We can count on Roof Tech for smart design and maximum efficiency.”

Acushnet Alternative Heating & Solar

“The job went so fast with just two installers on the roof, we completed a 40-panel, 11.2kw job in a single day. That’s half the time the same job would have taken using rails."

Whidbey Sun & Wind Renewable Energy Systems

"It’s just a much better mounting solution because it’s truly waterproof, even in extreme windy and rainy weather. Plus, it saves us lots of time over using the flashed L-foot technique. For us, finding RT MINI was like going full circle, and ending up in an even better place.”


“Before we started using the RT MINI, we kept running into issues with leaking and torn shingles due to flashing, but now we never have any problems. Roof Tech’s butyl rubber makes an impervious seal that stands up to the roughest weather.”