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Roof Entry Bracket
Innovation for wire management
on the rooftop.
Mounting Base
The most compact, versatile
mounting system under the sun
Rail-less PV
APEX brings innovation to rail-less PV
mounting systems

Solar PV mounting systems for every roof!

Now Roof Tech brings you the most innovative, watertight mounting systems ever developed for solar photovoltaic systems. Designed and manufactured exclusively for us by Japan’s longtime leader in roofing technologies, Roof Tech products are 100% code-compliant and offer fast, simple installation and huge savings on shipping costs due to their compact, rail-less design. Learn more about our full line of versatile PV mounting solutions now available for residential installations.The next generation in rooftop solar mounting solutions.
Smarter PV Mounting Solutions From
Top of Roof to Bottom Line
Uniquely scalable systems for
rooftop solar installations.

The next generation in rooftop solar mounting solutions.

Roof Tech is the first U.S. subsidiary of Yanegiken, a company renowned in Japan for more than four decades of innovative roofing technologies. Now for the first time, Roof Tech brings these unique PV mounting solutions to the U.S. solar market. Headquartered in Southern California, our national sales teams are now in place to provide superior service to installers and solar panel manufacturers throughout the U.S.

What Our Clients Are Saying!

San Rafael, Ca

A perfect system for staggering arrays due to the Fire Code.

Convert Solar

We really like the RoofTech system. I look forward to using it again especially now that we have worked with it.

Acushnet, MA

“Our customers absolutely love it. The look is so streamlined and clean, without the unsightly bolts and rails of traditional mounting systems.”

Greg Chentnik. Independent Green Technologies

This was our company’s first experience with this system and our 3man crew had 64 modules worth of bases laid out and screwed down before lunch. Traditionally we would have located each rafter, and re-installed the existing racking system properly to meet a 130mph wind load. Changing to the Roof Tech System probably cut 25-30 man hours of roof top labor from this projects labor costs.

Hawthorne, FL

“… I love the mounts and the ease of installing them. My wife and I got on the roof and snapped lines. She and I spent a Saturday installing them.”

Annapolis, MD

“The guys loved the system and working with your folks. A comment from the customer is that he was surprised and pleased to come back home look up and not see rails running across the roof as their system sits just above the entrance door.”